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Welcome to Extend-ITs.com, the e-store dedicated to supplying larger air travelers with their own FAA PMA approved personal airline seat belt extenders. Since 2001 we've offered the best selection of airline seat belt extenders covering virtually all domestic airlines, international airlines, private jets, general aviation aircraft and helicopters. Our airline seat belt extenders can also be used when securing child safety seats in an airline seat and we also offer CARES™, the only FAA PMA approved child airline safety restraint that does not require a child safety seat.

Why put up with having to wait until after the flight attendant completes the safety demo or announces over the intercom, "Somebody drop off a seat belt extender at seat 22-F," before you can get buckled in?  Why put up with snide looks from other passengers, uncertain availability or grungy seat belt extenders that were last cleaned who knows when? With your own Extend-ITs personal seat belt extenders now you're in control. And we offer personalized extenders and extender rentals, too!

Order Airline Seat Belt Extenders Only
The belts and nothing but the belts. Here is where to order your basic FAA PMA approved airline seat belt extenders.
Order Airline Seat Belt Extender Value Bundle
Our popular value bundles combine our FAA PMA approved airline seat belt extenders with other useful travel accessories.
CARES Child Aviation Restraint
The CARES child aviation restraint is the only FAA PMA approved child restraint system not requiring a child safety seat.
Extend-ITs Airline Seat Belt Extender Rentals
Save money by renting FAA PMA approved airline seat belt extenders and CARES child aviation restraints.
Air Travel Accessories from Extend-ITs.com

Extend-ITs.com™ air travel accessories to make all your trips safer and more comfortable.

Other Extended Products from Extend-ITs.com

Other extended products to help you reach without stretching or straining your back from Extend-ITs.com

Featured Products

Extend-ITs™ Model A Seat Belt Extender Value Bundle

Extend-ITs.com Model A personal airline seat belt extender. Seat belt extender value bundle.

Price: $79.95
Sale: $64.95
Extend-ITs™ Model A Seat Belt Extender Value Bundle - Special Pink Edition

Extend-ITs.com Model A personal airline seat belt extender. Seat belt extender value bundle. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of this special "pink edition" value bundle goes to the fight against breast cancer.

Price: $69.95
Sale: $64.95
Personalize Your Extend-ITs  Personal Seat Belt Extenders
NEW - An Extend-ITs Exclusive!! Personalize your personal airline seat belt extenders. Avoid confusion with airline property. Laser engraved labels won't wear off or fade. Use with all airline extensions. Easy to install.
Price: $8.95
Comfort Zone Noise-Reducing Headphones

Active noise reduction cancels out ambient noise. Adjustable sensitivity. Includes plug adapters for use with airline sound systems. Includes carry case. Black.

Price: $149.99
Sale: $69.95
RFID Blocking ID and Boarding Pass Holder

Securely speed through security hands free. Patented RFID protection. Holds ID, passport, boarding pass. Hidden zippered pocket on back. Cotton lanyard. Includes pen. Black ballistic nylon with leather trim.

Price: $17.99
Sale: $14.95
Worldwide Adapter and USB Charger

Outlet plug adapters work in more than 150 countries. Compact. Two and three prong adapters. Includes 110/220V USB device charger. Easy to carry. Compact snap together design. White.

Price: $34.99
Sale: $29.95
Handybar™ Car Door Handle

Handybar™ Door Handle Handle. Makes it easy to get in and out of your car. Works on driver or passenger side doors. Easy to install and remove. Use with most domestic and foreign cars. Weighs less than one pound. Red.*Out of Stock*

Price: $39.99
Sale: $36.95

Improve Your Comfort and Convenience with Extend-ITs™

Owning your own personal airline seat belt extenders offers you a lot of advantages compared to asking for one from the flight attendant after you board your flight:

  • Discreet - no one to ask, no one to tell. Our seat belt extenders are all made using the highest quality black webbing to match discreetly with any aircraft seat belt.  (By contrast, to prevent theft some airlines now use seat belt extenders that are BRIGHT ORANGE - how's that for calling attention to yourself if you have to ask for one?)
  • Available - when you want instead of when a flight attendant gets around to getting one for you. Gives you more time to get things arranged and settle into your seat.
  • Perfect condition - our seat belt extensions are manufactured using all new materials, tested and certified to meet or exceed the same exacting FAA specifications that the airlines use.
  • Personalization Available - an Extend-ITs exclusive - all of our individual extenders and multiple extender combinations can be ordered with laser engraved ownership tags to eliminate any confusion with airline property.
  • Hygienic - no one uses it but you.
  • Extend-ITs family of personal airline seat belt extendersLarge Selection - our family of four personal airline seat belt extenders covers virtually all domestic, international, private jet, and general aviation aircraft and helicopters. Our seat belt extenders can also be used when securing child safety seats in an airline seat.
  • Choose "Best Value" or "Best Price" - order your extenders in our popular "value bundles" or buy our "extenders only" and save money.
  • Make Great Gifts - for those larger air travelers on your shopping list.
  • Fast Shipping - 99% of our orders ship from stock - usually the next business day!!  We have more seat belt extenders and more ways to ship them so you'll get the extenders you need when and where you need them.
  • Order over the Internet or by Phone - we have a toll free number (1.877.675.6537) and we love phone orders. We're open weekdays 9AM to 5PM on the West coast so we're "open late" for the Eastern parts of the country.  In a hurry?  Give us a call and we'll help you select the extenders you need, get your order processed and have it on its way to you as soon as possible. If you live in the Portland, Oregon metro area you can even come by and pick up your order in person.
  • Live Customer Service - do you really want to bet your trip on an airline seat belt extension from vendors who don't even list their phone numbers? During our business hours (weekdays 9AM to 5PM on the West coast) you'll get live people to talk with you and answer your questions.  Not sure which seat belt extension goes with which airline?  We probably do.  Need an extender overnight?  No problem - we do it all the time.  Lose your extender?  Call us.  We can ship a replacement extender to meet you at your destination.  Need help after hours? Leave a message and we'll call you back ASAP.

In addition to offering the largest collection of FAA PMA approved airline seat belt extenders available anywhere, Extend-ITs also offers a great collection of useful travel accessories to make your travels easier and a number of other interesting "extended" products. 

Air travel these days is stressful enough! Have one less thing to worry about when you get to the airport. A small one time investment of far less than most air fares for a single trip will pretty much eliminate this potential headache both now and in the future. Order your own Extend-ITs personal airline seatbelt extenders and travel accessories today!!

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