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The CARES™ child aviation restraint is the only non-rigid child aviation restraint system FAA approved for use on all U.S. airlines. It is also approved for use by most foreign air carriers. A major breakthrough in family air travel, CARES is intended for use with children who are at least one year old, who weigh from 22 to 44 pounds and who are no more than 40" tall. With CARES you can check your heavy car seat and just carry on the small, compact CARES package. This is our rental version of the CARES package.

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Originally developed by a grandmother of nine looking to provide a safe, easy to use alternative to the clumsy rigid child seats for use on flights when her grandchildren came to see her. The product was developed, extensively tested, patented and ultimately certified by the FAA to be as safe as a car seat for small children in aircraft seats. The CARES harness is manufactured by AmSafe, the world's leading aviation restraints manufacturer, the same manufacturer who builds the airlines seat belts and airline seat belt extenders for most of the world's airlines.

Advantages of using the CARES system on your next flight with your child include:

  • CARES Child Aviation RestraintFAA approved - the patented CARES safety harness is the only non-rigid child restraint system FAA certified for use on all U.S. originating airline flights. CARES is also certified in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Singapore with more pending and virtually all major international airlines also allow CARES on their flights.

  • Designed for small children - the CARES system is certified for children one year or older who weigh from 22 to 44 pounds (10 to 20 Kg) and who are less than 40" (102 cm) tall.
  • Safe for your child - CARES is manufactured using the highest quality materials and is FAA certified as safe for all aspects of air travel including taxiing, takeoff, in flight turbulence and landing.
  • Easy to install - you can install your child's CARES in less than a minute. There is even an quick reference sewn right onto the harness so you'll always have it with you. At the end of the flight you can remove it in less than a minute, too.
  • Light weight - the CARES harness weighs less than one pound and fits easily into its carry pouch. Check that clunky child seat in the baggage compartment!
  • Includes everything you need - your CARES package includes the harness, an instruction DVD that fully shows how to install the harness when you get on the airplane, a carry pouch and an instruction brochure.

The CARES system represents a major breakthrough in family air travel. Just look at all of these awards:

CARES - an award winning family travel accessory

Now you no longer need to haul around a bulky, rigid seat to ensure that your child is as safe as possible throughout your flight. Get CARES now and have one less thing to worry about next time you fly with your small children. For additional information and the answers to other questions about using the CARES™ Child Aviation Restrain System, check out the CARES Frequently Asked Questions page.

CARES™ is a Trademark of Kids Fly Safe, LLC.

NOTE:  The CARES™ Child Aviation Restraint system is manufactured in conformance with applicable FAA regulations as established by the FAA Air Transport Division.

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