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Whether you are making one trip abroad or traveling frequently, international power requirements can prove to be a significant problem. Your cell phone, lap top computer, electric razor, hair dryer, etc. all require electrical power and the plugs and voltages vary from country to country. This universal adapter plug set lets you plug your into power outlets practically anywhere in the world.

Features of this adapter plug set include:

  • Works worldwide - included two and three prong adapters to fit the power outlets in more than 150 countries.
  • Compact - eliminates bulky multiple plug adapter kits.
  • Easy to carry - use the included carry tray to pack the adapter set into compact, easy to carry package.

Important Note: This is an adapter plug set, NOT a power converter. Devices plugged into the adapter must be capable of operating correctly with the voltage supplied by the power outlet. If you need to use standard U.S. 110V devices with power outlets around the world you may need a power converter. Click here for a universal adapter plug set combined with a power adapter and USB device charger.

Don't get stuck halfway around the world without power for your personal electrical and electronics devices. This adapter plug set will let you connect your electrical devices to power outlets around the world. Makes a great gift for that frequent traveler on your gift list, too!

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