Universal DC-AC Travel Power Inverter

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More and more airlines these days are including power plugs for laptop computers in their standard cabin configurations. This universal DC-AC travel inverter converts the aircraft DC power to 110V A/C so you can plug in your standard computer "brick" and operate your laptop computer during the flight. It can also be plugged into any automobile with a standard 12V cigarette lighter. It will even re-charge your laptop's batteries while you take a nap.

Features of the universal DC-AC travel inverter include:

  • Universal power - this adapter will work with over 69 different commercial aircraft plus any automobile with a standard cigarette lighter.
  • Wide application - works with portable computers, mobile phones, portable DVD players, MP3 players and other electronic devices.
  • Continuous power - provides continuous 75 watts of power with short term surges up to 90 watts. Unit has built in circuit protection and automatic shutdown in the event of overheat.
  • Compact and portable - compact flat design fits easily into any briefcase or computer bag.

Don't run out of power midway through your flight. The universal travel inverter takes virtually any aircraft computer power plug or automobile cigarette lighter into an A/C outlet that can run your computer, mobile phone, portable DVD player or other electronics device. Makes a great gift for that frequent traveler on your gift list, too!

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