Disposable molded ear plugs w/cord, small (6 pairs)

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These small molded disposable ear plugs fit into your ear and seal off the outside noise.  The neck cord lets you easily remove them and leave them hanging around your neck for later use. Rated at NRR 30*, these ear plugs will greatly reduce the effects of aircraft cabin noise and most other noise sources. The small size ear plugs (green color) are intended for children and for men or women with smaller ear canals.

Features of these small corded molded ear plugs include:

  • Industrial grade - these ear plugs are all tested and rated to meet or exceed OSHA requirements and offer high quality ear protection.
  • Sanitary - each pair of ear plugs is individually packaged in a sanitary package making it easy to toss a pair into your purse or briefcase.
  • Neck cord - keeps the ear plugs handy if you need to take them out in flight.
  • Disposable - at the end of your flight just throw them away.

These ear plugs are sold in sets of six pairs, enough for three complete round trip flights. Keep an extra pair in the office or at home for those times when you are unexpectedly exposed to unpleasant or excessively loud noises. (They can also help you get some sleep if you have a loudly snoring bed partner!)

*NRR stands for "Noise Reduction Rating". This is a standardized method by which hearing protectors such has headphones, ear plugs, sound insulation, etc. are rated. The higher the NRR, the more the noise is reduced.

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