Comfort Zone Noise-Reducing Headphones

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Product Description

These active noise reducing headphones will help eliminate cabin noise - one of the biggest stress factors in air travel. Excess noise and poor cabin lighting can make it even more difficult to read, rest or take a nap in flight. The Comfort Zone headphones don't just block noise; they eliminate it outright. These are active noise reducing headphones that "listen" to the noises around you then generate "anti-noise" to cancel it out. The result is blissful quiet. Other famous brand products using this same technology sell for 4-5 times as much.

Features of the Comfort Zone noise-reducing headphones include:

  • High technology noise reduction - the active noise reduction system effectively reduces the ambient noise from planes, trains, buses, cars and city streets so you hear enhanced clarity from your MP3, CD and DVD players.
  • Comfort Zone Active Noise Reducing HeadphonesFlexible adjustments - the headphone controls let you adjust the sensitivity of the noise reduction system and the sound volume.
  • Comfortable and easy to use - large padded ear cups seal you off from the noisy environment and a handy collar clip keeps the headphone control within easy reach.
  • Complete kit - includes 3.5mm plug adapter, two prong airline headphone adapter and protective snap closed travel case.
  • Low power - runs for many flights on just a single AAA battery (included).

Give yourself some peace and quiet on those long flights. The Comfort Zone noise reducing headphones reduce cabin noise for a fraction of the cost of many widely advertised products. Makes a great gift for those frequent travelers on your gift list, too!

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