Handybar™ Car Door Handle

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Product Description

For many people with limited mobility the simple act of getting into and out of a vehicle can present difficulties and the risk of injury from slips and falls. The Handybar™ car door handle works with 95% of modern cars to make it easier and safer. Installed in the door's U-shaped striker plate, you use the Handybar® as a handle to lower yourself into your seat. To get out, you install the Handybar® then use it just like a chair's arms to balance and steady yourself as you stand up and out of the vehicle. Since all doors usually have a striker plate, you can use the Handybar® on both driver side and passenger side doors.

Because it can make such a positive effect on the quality of life, independence and dignity of so many elders and the mobility challenged, the Handybar® has received a lot of mainstream recognition including numerous stories and articles in the press and on TV plus the 2007 daVinci award from General Motors and the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Advantages of using the Handybar® with your car include:

  • Handybar™ Car Door HandleDoctor recommended - the patented Handybar® design is recommended by numerous doctors and other health care professionals as an effective way for the elderly and mobility challenged to more easily enter and exit their vehicles.

  • Designed for most cars - the Handybar® with its firm but comfortable handle works with over 95% of cars manufactured after 1995. (see below for a list of cars who's doors are known to work with the Handybar®.) Works with both driver and passenger side doors.
  • Heavy duty design - the Handybar® is manufactured using the highest quality materials and designed for use by drivers or passengers weighing up to 350 pounds.
  • Easy to install - you can install or remove your Handybar®  in seconds.
  • Other emergency uses - the Handybar® contains two additional safety features: a seat belt cutter and window breaker for emergency situations.
  • Light Weight - at less than one pound your Handybar® is easy to store in any car door pocket or glove compartment.
  • Lifetime Warranty - your Handybar® is built to last. If it breaks, it will be replaced.


Don't risk slipping or falling when you get in or out of your car. Now you can use the Handybar® to

NOTE:  The Handybar® works with over 95% of cars manufactured since 1995 and many more that were manufactured earlier. If you car has a standard door latch it will probably work correctly. The Handybar® has been tested and verified to work with the following vehicles:

  • Acura: fits all
  • BMW: 3 Series and newer
  • Buick: most '95 and newer
  • Cadillac: '93 and newer
  • Chevrolet: '96 and newer
  • Chrysler: '93 and newer
  • Daewoo: fits all
  • Dodge: '94 and newer
  • Eagle: most '91 and newer
  • Ford: most '87 and newer
  • Geo: '96 and newer
  • GMC: '93 and newer
  • Honda: fits all
  • Hyundai: '96 and newer
  • Infiniti: fits all
  • Izuzu: fits all
  • Kia: fits all
  • Lexus: fits all
  • Mazda: fits all
  • Mitsubishi: fits all
  • Nissan: fits all
  • Oldsmobile: '94 and newer
  • Plymouth: '93 and newer
  • Pontiac: '93 and newer
  • Saab: '98 and newer
  • Saturn: fits all
  • Subaru: fits all
  • Suzuki: fits all
  • Toyota: fits all
  • Volkswagen: '98 and newer

All prices, specifications and availability information are provided for informational purposes only and are subject to change without notice.
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