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1st Class SleeperLet's face it:  given seat size, crowded flights, airport security and everything else these days comfortable air travel is pretty much a lost cause.  Most of us end up stuffing three or four pillows behind our back or neck in a vain attempt to get comfortable.  Now, however, there's a way to at least make those long flights and coach seats more bearable.   1st Class Sleeper™ inflatable seat cushions offer you a chance to stretch out and relax in comfort on long flights:

Comfortable with 1st Class Sleeper Kinked Neck
  • Comfortable - like having your own adjustable firmness air bed in the sky.  Use as a lumbar support or as a full size seat liner.

    Use 1st Class Sleeper as a Lumbar Support

    Use It As A Lumbar Support, Too

  • Easy to use - inflates with just a few breaths and fits easily into any coach, business class or first class seat.

  • Hygienic - when do you think was the last time those airline pillow cases were cleaned?

  • Tough - built from all new heavy gauge virgin vinyl - the same material used in water beds.

  • Includes Carry Bag - rolls up into a small package and weighs just a little more than a pound - about the same size as a travel umbrella.  Stores easily in your carry on bag or briefcase.

  • Flexible - not only does your 1st Class Sleeper™ work on airplanes, it also works on most car, SUV and recreational vehicle seats as well as on buses and trains.  You can even use them on high backed office chairs!  Who knows, it might even be a good emergency flotation device!

  • Fast Service - 99% of our orders ship from stock - usually the next business day!!

1st Class Sleeper™ was developed by an airline captain who got tired of ending up with a sore neck and back when he "dead headed" back to his home base after finishing up with work for the day. The design took him years to perfect. Why arrive with a kink in your neck and knot in your back? No one likes to travel in a cramped coach airline seat but with a 1st Class Sleeper™ you can make the experience about as good as its going to get. Need more 1st Class Sleeper info? 1st class sleeper FAQ.

Not only are 1st Class Sleepers™ great for frequent fliers, they make great gifts for those frequent fliers on your shopping list. Order your 1st Class Sleeper™ inflatable seat cushions today!!

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