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Easy to use automatic home blood pressure monitor. Just put the cuff on your arm, relax and push the start button. In less than two minutes you'll have an accurate reading of your blood pressure. Clinically tested for accuracy, an advanced fuzzy logic computer controller automatically controls inflation of the BP cuff, takes the readings and displays both your blood pressure and pulse rate on the easy to read digital display. It even stores up to 99 readings in its memory.

The unit has a cotton large adult arm cuff with Index mark, Range markings and artery indicator label. The self adjusting BP cuff is inflated and deflated under control of the computer for fast, repeatable readings. Batteries and a matching zippered carrying case are also included. Great for home use. From Prestige Medical, one of the world's leading suppliers of quality clinical equipment and supplies. For arms from 13" (33.0 cm) to 17" (43.0 cm). Black cuff with white control unit. Also available in standard adult size.

Features for this large adult blood pressure monitor include:

  • AutomaticEasy to read display - modern design with high contrast LCD digits for easy reading simultaneously displays systolic BP, diastolic BP and pulse rate.
  • Automatic blood pressure measurement - using 3rd generation proprietary fuzzy logic technology and an oscillometric measurement algorithm, this automatic blood pressure monitor has been clinically tested for repeatable, accurate results.
  • High accuracy - the all solid state electronic measuring system uses a digital pressure transducer to produce accurate readings across the full measuring range of 0 to 300mmHg. The digital display shows blood pressure readings in increments of  1 mmHg.
  • Memory mode - stores up to 99 blood pressure readings. Recall any reading with a few the pushes of the "memory" button.
  • Large Adult Size Cuff - for use with arms from 13" (33.0 cm) to 17" (43.0 cm). Also available in standard adult size.
  • Low power - runs for years on two, AA batteries (included).
  • Automatic Shut Off - after 5 minutes to preserve battery life.
  • Two year limited warranty - built to last your family for years to come.

Specifications for this large adult cuff integrated stethoscope/BP cuff:

Manufacturer: Prestige Medical
Format: Automatic blood pressure monitor
Designation: Large adult size
Material: Cotton shell, rubber tubing, vulcanized bladder
Mechanism type: Inflatable pressure bladder with computer controlled measurement with "fuzzy logic"
Gauge type: Semiconductor pressure transducer
Display type: Digital display of systolic BP, diastolic BP and heart rate
Measurement units: Static pressure in mmHg
Display BP Range: 0 to 300mmHg
Display resolution: 1 mmHg
Display Pulse Range: 30-160 Beats/Minute
Power requirements: 2 x AA batteries (included)
Recommended arm size: 13" (33.0 cm) to 17" (43.0 cm)
Cuff closure: Velcro panel
Shipping weight: 2 lb.
Other: Includes zippered carry bag
Manufacturer's warranty: Two year limited lifetime manufacturer's warranty

The large cuff automatic blood pressure monitor fits neatly into the matching zippered carrying case. The flat case fits easily into a desk drawer or your day pack.

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