20 inch Flat Wooden Clothes Hanger (Set of 3)

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Each unit is one bundle of 3 hangers
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Product Description

Here's a great flat wooden hanger for use with your dress shirts, blouses, knit shirts, T-shirts or any other lighter garments. Most "standard" wooden hangers down at the big box stores are only 16" - 17" wide. If you use them with plus sized garments the shoulders slump down and hang incorrectly and that can result in stretching and damage to your valuable clothes.

While 20" wide*, these hangers are flat and only 7/16" thick. While they take up the same less room on the clothes rod as other wooden hangers, their wider size makes them much better for your clothes. They also include a pants bar to hold your folded suit pants or slacks.  They include a swivel hook and the wood construction is strong enough to hold leather jackets, uniforms or top coats with ease. Sold in bundles of three, these are great hangers to re-outfit your closet and protect your investment in your clothes. Natural wood.

Features of this extra wide flat wood hanger include:

  • Extremely wide - over 25% wider than typical 16" wooden hangers.
  • Protects larger clothes - by maintaining proper width neck and shoulder lines.
  • Flexible design - Only 7/16" deep the wooden hanger includes a non-slip pants bar, making this hanger perfect for use with virtually men's and women's clothes.
  • Dimensions - 20" wide x 10" tall x 7/16" deep. Natural wood.

Protect your investment in your clothes. This extra wide flat wooden hanger will help you optimize your closet space and eliminate narrow hangers that stretch the necks and shoulders of your shirts and blouses out of shape.

*Important Note: When upgrading to extra wide hangers be sure you have adequate closet clearance between the clothes rail and the back wall of your closet. Probably not an issue for newer homes but it can be a problem with some older homes and some armoires. A good rule of thumb is that the distance from the center of the hanging rod to the back of the closet should be at least half the width of the widest hanger you intend to use plus at least one additional inch for garment clearance. For example, if using these 20" hangers the distance from the back wall of the closet to the center of the clothes rod would need to be at least 20"/2+1" = 10" + 1 = 11".

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