UriBag Portable Urinal for Men

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Product Description

Developed in the Netherlands, the UriBag® is a genuinely useful personal hygiene product for a wide variety of situations where normal toilet facilities are not available. Many people have difficulty urinating in places where there are no special facilities. Standard urinals used to collect and transport urine are generally too large, conspicuous and embarrassing for portable use.

The man's UriBag® provides a portable, convenient and discreet solution. Also available in a woman's configuration (click here), their compact storage size, ergonomic shape and Latex construction make it unique and significantly superior to other alternatives. Compact to store, easy to carry, discreet to use, a Uribag can be available whenever needed. The UriBag requires only minimal privacy and the snap-lock seal does not leak so they can be used discreetly, sealed, then emptied and washed later.

Features of the Man's UriBag® include:

  • Man'sVery compact storage size - the storage bag folds into the neck of the collection tube, making the UriBag very compact when stored - not much larger than a roll of 35mm film. Easily carried discreetly in pocket, purse or car glove box for use at events where rest room facilities are likely to be limited.
  • Heavy duty collection bag - made from 0.4mm thick heavy duty latex, the collection bag is very sturdy and designed for a long life even with repeated use.  Cleans quickly and easily with a mild soap solution.
  • Snap-lock seal - the top snaps into place to securely seal the urinal after use. The unit can then be transported, emptied and cleaned later.
  • Large capacity - while compact when stored, in use the efficient design of the storage bag gives both man's and woman's UriBags a large 1.25 quart (1200cc) capacity.

If your mobility is restricted, if you have any form of incontinence issues or if you just want to have a backup plan available in the event you ever find yourself needing a bathroom when there are none around, a UriBag will provide you with a practical, convenient solution.

*Important Note: Because of state and local health department regulations in the State of Washington, Uribags are considered personal hygiene items and may only be returned for credit if in the original unopened packaging materials. Please contact Extend-ITs.com™ for authorization prior to returning this product.

All prices, specifications and availability information are provided for informational purposes only and are subject to change without notice.
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