Lotion Applicator With Massaging Beads

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Product Description

Sometimes you need a long handled lotion applicator to get that lotion or medication on those hard to reach areas on your back and elsewhere.  The long, curved handle of this lotion applicator makes it easy with the added feature of providing a gentle massage to the area where the lotion is being applied.

17-3/4" long with a curved plastic handle, this applicator's large head contains a lotion reservoir and large beads to gently massage the area as you evenly apply lotion. The applicator head is not replaceable.

Features of this long handle lotion applicator include:

  • Sturdy Construction - the long 17-3/4" curved handle is flexible plastic and the applicator head is designed for long use.
  • Applicator Head Contains Massaging Beads - the applicator head is a generous 3-3/4" in diameter and contains 19 marble sized beads to gently massage as you apply your lotion.
  • Easy to Use - the applicator head has a reservoir which you fill with your choice of lotions. The massage head then gently glides over your skin and releases an even layer of your lotion as you gently massage. When finished you snap the cover over the massage head to keep your lotion from drying out before the next use.
  • Apply Your Choice of Liquids - the applicator head is hypoallergenic and can be used with a wide variety of lotions, bath gels, massage oils and medicated ointments.
  • Easy to Clean - when you are done the applicator head can be easily cleaned with warm water and mild soap.

If you're looking to apply lotion or medication to someplace you can't easily reach and also give the surrounding area a gentle massage, these long handled applicators are a great solution.

*Important Note: All lotion applicators are considered personal hygiene items. They may only be returned for credit if in the original unopened packaging materials. Please contact Extend-ITs.comô for authorization prior to returning this product.

All prices, specifications and availability information are provided for informational purposes only and are subject to change without notice.
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