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The amazing Bare Back Scrubber cleans and exfoliates your entire back! Attaches to the shower wall with powerful suction cups. Just add soap and rub - the scrubbing pad does all the work. The scrubbing pad is easy to attach and detach for cleaning. Accommodate everyone in the family. Includes a washable lotion applicator and 20 White Bath Treads (Safe-T-Strips). Replacement scrubbing pads and lotion applicators are available. Get a Bare Back Scrubber for every shower in your home.

Features of the Bare Back Scrubber include:

  • Sturdy Construction - the scrubbing pad is a full 18" long and 8" wide with five heavy duty suction cups designed for long use.
  • Two Types of Pads - the Bare Back Scrubber includes two types of pad: a stimulating scrubbing pad and a soft lotion applicator pad. First you use the scrubber to gently exfoliate your back then use the lotion applicator to apply your choice of skin lotions.
  • Replaceable Scrubber Pads - both the scrubbing pad and the lotion applicator can be replaced to keep your Bare Back scrubber in top condition. We have replacements in stock here at Extend-ITs.
  • Apply What You Want - the lotion applicator pad is hypoallergenic and can be used with a wide variety of lotions and medicated ointments.

If you're looking for a unique personal care product, the Bare Back Scrubber will give your back a treat.

*Important Note:  All lotion applicators and scrubbing pads are considered personal hygiene items. They may only be returned for credit if in the original unopened packaging materials. Please contact for authorization prior to returning this product.

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