Spring Action Jockey Shoehorn, Red

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CLOSE OUT ITEM - Quantities Limited. Here's a long steel shoehorn designed to have the look like a jockey's riding crop.Designed for a long, useful life, this all steel spring loaded shoehorn is a useful tool for anyone who has difficulty bending down to use a conventional shoehorn.

The jockey shoehorn's 23" overall length let's you easily put on your shoes. The long handle shoehorn is attached to the shaft with a spring allowing it to flex and making it easy to use.

Features of the spring action jockey shoehorn include:

  • Steel construction - the jockey shoehorn is manufactured from steel tubing and spring steel for long use.
  • Flexible shaft - a firm spring at the junction of the jockey shoehorn and the shaft allows the long shoehorn to flex, making it easier to put on your shoes.
  • Riding crop grip - the upper end of the jockey shoehorn is wrapped with a soft simulated leather riding crop grip to make it easy to grip. The shoehorn also has a convenient hanging thong at the end. (This model has a red wrapped shaft and grip. Click here for the identical shoehorn with a chrome shaft and black grip.)
  • Long reach - the jockey shoehorn's 23" overall length makes it easy for you to put on your shoes with minimum bending or reaching.

If you're looking for a well designed shoehorn long enough to help you put on your shoes with no bending this shoehorn is a great solution. Makes a great gift, too.

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