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Product Description

This deluxe leg lifter is a semi-rigid nylon strap with a hand grip on one end and a foot stirrup on the other end that allows you to use your hands and arms to lift and position your leg and foot. Useful for anyone who has had hip replacement surgery, who suffers from arthritis, is temporarily in a cast from a broken lower extremity or any of a number of other conditions that can limit the mobility of the lower extremities. Helps to eliminate uncomfortable bending and stretching. With a leg lifter you can more easily get into your car or SUV, help yourself into bed, lift your leg onto the footrests of a wheelchair, etc.

LegOnce you are seated you then can easily use the leg lifter to reposition one or both of your legs. Your foot goes in the cushioned vinyl foot stirrup and you pull your leg into place using your hand and arm with the flexible loop at the other end. Also available in a standard version with a simple stitched foot loop instead of the cushioned vinyl foot stirrup (click here). 40" long. Navy Blue.

Features of this DiscountXL.comô leg lifter include:

  • High Quality - the leg lifter is made using strong 1" wide nylon strapping for high strength and dimensional stability over long term use.
  • Large Hand Strap and Foot Loop - the upper end of the leg lifter forms a handgrip so you can easily hold it with one or both of your hands. The lower end forms had a sturdy, easy to clean cushioned vinyl foot stirrup.
  • Easy to Position - the middle section of the leg lifter contains a thin steel rod that gives the leg lifter enough rigidity so you can easily position the foot stirrup properly on your foot.
  • Long Length - the leg lifter is 40" long for use by virtually all individuals.

Many types of back, hip or leg conditions, including wearing a cast for a broken leg or recovering from surgery, may require the temporary or permanent use of a leg lifter. These very sturdy high capacity leg lifters will help you maintain your independence and give you years of service.

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