22 inch Folding Vertical Jaw Reaching Tool

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Product Description

This 22" vertical jaw reacher is short and maneuverable for general purpose use around the house and it folds in two so you can take it with you when you travel.

Features of this reaching tool include:

  • High Quality - This reacher is made of machined aluminum with high grade stainless steel gripper springs and a high impact ABS plastic handle so it can be used to pick up wet or dry items  without rusting.
  • Folding Design - This reacher can easily be folded in half for easy storage,   making it an ideal travelling companion.
  • Flexible Design - This reacher is strong enough to securely grab and move heavy items yet precise enough to pick up a single sheet of paper, a coin or even a pill.
  • Magnetic Tip - there is a magnet imbedded in the tip to help you pick up small metallic objects.  You can also use the tip as a hook to pick up items.

Reachers make it possible to pick up items without bending or straining your back.  Get several, place them around the house and garage in strategic locations and you'll always have one handy whenever you need to pick up something.

Permanently Identify Your Reacher For $5.95!!

Personalize Your Reaching 
    Tools You can now personalize your reacher with a laser engraved ownership tag! The tags feature your name in a prominent bold text. Plus, we include a contact telephone number on the tag so that if anybody ever finds your reacher they can call you and arrange to have it returned to you. These tags are permanently installed on your reacher on the reacher bodyPersonalize Your Reaching 
    Tools just below the plastic grip. The laser engraved tags will never fade or discolor and they are very, VERY difficult to remove or erase. Just select "Personalize My Reacher" using the drop down menu in the  shopping cart, enter your name and phone number and you're all set. Personalized reaching tools are perfect for use in shared living arrangements, care facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, etc.

Please Note: Laser engraved personalized ownership tags are individually made to order. Tags for orders shipped via standard shipping are $5.95 per reacher. Tags for rush orders shipped via 2nd Day or Next Day air are $9.95 per reacher to make sure we can get everything completed and out to you on time with our order.

Already have a reacher or other item you would like to permanently mark as your property? Click Here to order laser engraved ownership tags you can install yourself.

All prices, specifications and availability information are provided for informational purposes only and are subject to change without notice.
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