Joe's Original BackTee™ Golf Aid

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Product Description

Here's a great, multi-function golf reaching tool that works with any golf club and which can eliminate virtually all repetitive bending from your golf game. Insert your tee into the ground, place your ball on the tee, pick up your tee after you drive and retrieve your ball from the cup after you putt out - all without bending or stooping. Less stress on your back, hips and knees, less back and joint pain.

Built of high impact ABS plastic, Joe's Original BackTEE was developed by an avid golfer with a bad back. Light weight, it can easily be clipped on and off the grip of any standard golf club.

Features of Joe's Original BackTEE include:

  • NoSturdy construction - made from injection molded high impact ABS plastic.
  • Multi-function - insert tees into the ground, set your golf ball on the tee, pick up your tee after you drive, pick up your golf ball from the green or fairway, retrieve your golf ball from the cup after you putt out, the BackTEE does it all - and all without any bending!!.
  • Easy to install - clips snugly onto the grip of any golf club.

Whether you're a scratch golfer who plays every week or a 22 handicap weekend warrior who is lucky to get out to play once a month, one of the least fun parts of golf is all of the repetitive bending and stooping that can strain your back, hips and knees. And unfortunately, it's even more of a problem for larger golfers, golfers who have other mobility issues or for golfers who don't have the opportunity to get out and play regularly.

Don't give up golf! Instead, eliminate all that stooping and bending!!  For less than the price of a couple new golf balls you can carry a BackTEE™ in your golf bag and make all that repetitive stooping and bending a thing of the past. Makes a great gift or stocking stuffer for those golfers on your gift list, too!

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