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Products For Measuring Your Blood PressureLarger individuals can have difficulty getting accurate blood pressure readings on instruments that don't have the larger BP cuffs necessary for accurate readings on larger arms. These larger BP cuff instruments can be very difficult to locate outside of professional medical product distributors. Extend-ITs.comô has a great selection of quality, clinical grade large cuff BP instruments and accessories so you or a family member can take accurate blood pressure readings at home, in the office or in the clinic.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Most "automated" home blood pressure monitors are not recommended for use on individuals whose arm size is over 18". The arm and wrist cuffs on the automatic blood pressure monitors are typically too small and can produce significantly erroneous readings on larger arms. According to the American Heart Association wrist cuffs are particularly prone to inaccurate readings when used on larger individuals.


Extend-ITs.comô has a selection of several clinical grade stethoscopes in several colors for you to use when measuring your blood pressure.


Extend-ITs.comô has a selection of manual blood pressure cuffs, including some of the very largest, you can use to quickly and accurately measure your blood pressure.


Extend-ITs.comô has a selection of several manual blood pressure kits including clinical grade stethoscope and blood pressure cuff for you to use when measuring your blood pressure.


Extend-ITs.comô has a selection of several automatic blood pressure monitors that make it quick and easy to accurately measure your blood pressure.

Featured Products

Personal Pulse-Oximeter

Take oxygen saturation measurements at home. Displays oxygen saturation and pulse rate. Instant readings. Accurate and repeatable. Easy to read display. Includes batteries and lanyard.

Price: $99.99
Sale: $89.95
XXL Size Adult Blood Pressure Kit

Blood pressure kit with separate stethoscope and blood pressure cuff. Clinical grade. Your choice of stethoscopes. XXL adult size BP Cuff. Measurement range 0-300mmHg. Includes zippered carrying bag.

Price: $99.99
Sale: $92.95
Large Adult Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Accurate, reliable blood pressure readings at the push of a button. Large adult cotton cuff. 0-300mmHg measurement range. Stores up to 99 readings. LCD display shows systolic BP, diastolic BP, pulse rate. Includes zippered carry case. Black cuff, white monitor.

Price: $69.99
Sale: $59.95
120 inch Extra Long Flexible Tape Measure

Flexible tape measure twice the length of normal tape measures. Extra large, easy to read printing. Inches on one side, mm on the reverse. Tough fiberglass tape resists stains, stretching, tearing and fading.

Price: $8.99
Sale: $6.95

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