Hand Held Massagers Compatible With The Wand Mate™ Adapter

The Wand Mate™ adapter is compatible with any hand held massagers which use standard "plug on" plastic  molded accessory attachments. These hand held massagers connect the massager vibration oscillator to the massager accessory attachment using a 1/2" (12.5mm) plastic post connector onto which the accessory is plugged:

Massager Accessory Mating Connector

Accessory Mating Connector

The following families of hand held therapeutic massagers, representing many popular Wahl® hand held massagers currently in use worldwide plus massagers from Conair® and Synergy Pleasure Systems® have been tested and verified as compatible with the Wand Mate:



Wahl 4120 Hatchet Massager Wahl 4120 family* (4120-xxxx)
Wahl 4196 Hatchet Massager Wahl 4196 family* (4196-xxxx)
Wahl 4293 Wand Massager Wahl 4293 family* (4293-xxxx)
Wahl 4294 Wand Massager Wahl 4294 family* (4294-xxxx)
Wahl 4295 Hatchet Massager Wahl 4295 family* (4295-xxxx)
Conair HM-11 Hatchet Massager Conair HM-11 family
Conair HM-14 Hatchet Massager Conair HM-14 family
Synergy Pleasure System 2778 Wand Massager Synergy 2778 Pleasure System

The Wand Mate adapter is also compatible with many earlier models of  Conair and Wahl hand held massagers still in use.

*For Wahl massagers the first four digits are the massager model number. The same model massagers are often packaged bundled with different groups of accessories and these specific bundles are designated by the second number, if any, following the primary model number. For example, the Models 4196-600, 4196-1001, 4196-1101, 4196-1201, 4196-1701, etc. in the Wahl 4196 family are all based on the same Model 4196 massager.

Important Note: The Wand Mate™ adapter is an independently developed product. It is neither associated with nor endorsed by the Wahl® Clipper Corporation.

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