What Our Extend-ITs™ Customers Say:

Since 2001 we've shipped enough Extend-ITs™ personal seat belt extenders to outfit every seat in a good sized fleet of jet airliners. We work extra hard to make sure you get your order on time and hassle free. Here are some comments from our customers*. 

  • "Your seat belt extender worked wonderfully for me!  I used it on two Delta flights and on Air Moldova.  Worked like a charm and no one in any country (US, Germany, or Moldova) questioned the extender.  I kept it in the pocket of my coat at all times and had my coat go through the X-ray scanner.  One of the air line attendants on the flight complimented me for having my own.  Just wanted to let you know!  Thank you!" - SM

  • "Thank you so much for contacting me via email regarding overnight shipping!  True to form, the seat belts (on four flights total) varied in length and I did end up needing the extender on one flight - thank you so much for providing a quality item and for being so conscientious in contacting potential clients." - EW

  • "I just purchased a Model B seat belt extender. I had no idea these were even available until I Googled "seat belt extender" for the heck of it.  This will make life so much easier.  Everything you stated about asking for one of these is true.  Now I can travel safely and take care of myself thanks to you." - JW

  • "I just wanted to say "Thank You" for the service that you provide.  I just returned home to California after enjoying a weekend in Las Vegas with my friends.  This was the first time I was able to fly in comfort and without the embarrassment of asking for a seat belt extender in front of everyone or worrying about whether or not one would be available.  Thanks again and I will be sure to recommend your company in the future.." - JC

  • "I recently took a trip to Puerto Vallarta  and used extender Model A for both US air and AeroMexico and it worked perfectly.  I also wanted to say that it took a big stress off of me in my travels. That used to be a number one worry in taking  a flight.  Thank you so much." - RA

  • "I stumbled across your website yesterday and in five minutes or less I had placed the order. Your website was very easy to use and I could see all the information I needed.  And low and behold, you answered my question the same day!  Good or great customer service is so hard to find these days - I just wanted to let you know that I received great customer service." - MM

  • "Hey just a note I thought I'd drop - having bought an extender I just wanted to say thanks it really saved me from a potentially embarrassing situation on my last flight - no one but me knew that the seat belt was too tight. The extender was discreet and worked great." - JY

  • "Looking forward to it [the trip], and now have the peace of mind that if I need an extender, I will not have to ask for it...it has always been a big fear, and to have this in my bag is great. Thanks for having this product." - SD

  • "Thanks again for the great service...it was good to not have to go through any hassles." - EP

  • "I just wanted to say thank you for your seat belt product. I was finally able to fly with out one problem!  I vacationed for the first time in about three years with my husband and four kids. I had a relaxing time and decided...gosh I am worth it! Having the seat belt extender was wonderful... I almost always had panic attacks before flying....this time it was was a completely different story for me!  Again...thank you for a great product." - BW

  • "The shipment beat your e-mail and made it in time for our flight out on Thursday. Thank you!" - SC

  • "I used my seat belt extenders with no problems on USAir to and from Germany and on Lufthansa to and from Spain. Having them really reduced my stress in traveling" - SG

  • "Just wanted to let you know that I just received my extender yesterday. Thanks for the fast ship." - JA

  • "I bought a Model A Extend-IT belt for Air Malta (Airbus A320), worked just fine. You asked for compatibility feedback so I thought it may be useful as they are a minor carrier. Thanks a lot - much better experience than normal." - BL

  • "I am so thankful that you sell these belt extenders!! I have never flown in a plane till 2 years ago. It was the most humiliating experience of my life... I did not see any flight attendants offer large belts discreetly as I was promised by friends who said there are plenty to go around. No more. I plan to buy all 3 of your belts and be prepared no matter which flight I am on. Thanks to your great product." - Name and initials withheld

  • "I received the seatbelt extenders this morning so you can relax now. Thank you for the joke book and the prompt and efficient service." - JG

  • "Thanks for the info. Just wanted to pass on our experience with the Extend-IT belts on our recent vacation to Europe. They were great and it was wonderful to have a way to handle the problem ourselves." - JP

  • "Thanks for your message and for the personalized, prompt attention that you've given to my order. I received it on Saturday. Thanks again" - JH

  • "Belts arrived this AM and we have no complaints. Very pleased with the quality of your products and will be sure to pass on your company's name! ...We operate four Beechjet 400A business jets and from time to time find the need for an extension. Thanks for the quick service and we will keep your company in mind should we ever need more extenders." - LP

  • "Thank You for the fast service on my order. I was very surprised to get it so fast, especially all the way up here in Alaska. Your attention is appreciated. Thanks again." - FG

  • "The extender arrived on Friday as scheduled and made our vacation flights
    more comfortable. I really appreciate your help in getting this order to me." - BW

  • "I am a customer of yours and purchased all 3 belts.  Because I was taking a small commuter plane, I didn't know which belt to use. I called your company and you were not sure but you asked me to Email you so that you can pass it on to other members.  I was on a US Air Embraer EMB-145 and I used Model A.  I took Models A and C with me just in case but Model A was the one that fit. Hope I was helpful." - SP

  • "Thanks for your quick and pleasant service, ... , a pleasure doing business with you." - WL

  • "Thanks so much for all of your time and help." - FT

  • "It [the seat belt extender] has arrived. Many thanks. It will make my holiday traveling much more comfortable." - SC

  • "Thanks so much for letting me know the shipment status, not to mention the finger crossing :)   It's been a pleasure doing business with you. It would be nice if transactions were always this easy. Good Job! " - BH

  • "Thank you for promptly filling my order, and for your personal touch in keeping me posted on the shipping status." - SM

  • "Love your note about being a real person.  THANK GOD.  Good customer service like this just might save America and the free world from certain ruin by the auto repliers and the voice mail press 2 for this and 5 for that forces of the dark side ;-) - Thanks!!" - GH

*The complete text of all customer comments are retained on file.  To protect our customer's privacy we only show initials and will withhold those upon request.

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