Extend-ITs.com Personal Airline Seat Belt Extenders

We currently have four Extend-ITs™ personal airline seat belt extender models available for use with the seat belts on virtually all modern U.S. domestic airlines, international airlines, commuter airlines, charter airlines, private jets and general aviation private aircraft and helicopters.

Extend-ITs Airline Seat Belt Extender Family

  • Model A.    This is the most common current design.  It is in use on United®,  American®, Northwest®, Delta®, Continental®, TWA®, Alaska® and many other airlines.

  • Model B.    This design is used on Southwest® Airlines.

  • Model C.    This design is often found on Alaska® airlines, some older aircraft, charter airlines, smaller commuter aircraft, business jets, private aircraft, etc. 

  • Model D.      This design is often found on Grumman Gulfstreams, Cessna Citations, some older airplanes, smaller commuter aircraft, business jets, private aircraft, helicopters, etc.

With Extend-ITstm you have your choice of our popular Extender Value Bundles or you can buy just Extenders Only.  The value bundles include a number of useful extra items and are best for individual flyers while individual extenders give you the lowest price and are great if you need several of the same extender for members of your family, traveling party or private charter operation.

Extender Value Bundles
Extenders Only
Extender Value Bundle Extender Only
Best Value Best Price


Our Extender FAQ page answers the most commonly asked questions about using personal airline seat belt extenders.

The Extender Specifications page presents the detailed engineering seat belt extension specifications; the page includes a photograph of the extension belt buckle, clasp and other information to aid you in identifying the personal airline seat belt extender(s) you will need for your frequent travel requirements.

Our Extender Value Bundles page shows additional details of the contents of our popular personal airline seat belt extender value bundles.

NOTE: All Extend-ITs™ airline seat belt extenders are FAA PMA approved and manufactured in conformance with applicable regulations as established by the FAA Air Transport Division.

Intelligent Technologies, Inc. and Extend-ITs™ products are not in any way associated with, endorsed by or recommended by any airline.  Under FAA regulations airlines have the right to restrict or prohibit their use in any or all of their flight operations.  Nothing herein should be construed or interpreted as in any way modifying or diminishing those rights.


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