Extend-ITs™ Lotions and Applicators

Extend-ITs.com™ offers a number of lotion applicators, long handled lotion applicators, massaging lotion applicators, lotions, etc., to make it easy for you to get at and care for those hard to reach areas on your back.

Lotion applicator with replaceable pads
Lotion applicator with replaceable applicator pad. 12" long curved plastic handle. 2-1/4" diameter applicator pad. Hypoallergenic. Use with lotions, medications, etc.
Price: $16.95
Sale: $14.95
Lotion applicator replacement pad
Replacement pads for lotion applicator. Package of two.
Price: $6.95
Long handled lotion applicator with massage head
Lotion applicator with massaging beads. 17-3/4" long curved plastic handle. 3-3/4" diameter massage head with 19 massage beads. Hypoallergenic. Use with lotions, massage oils, gels, medications, etc.
Price: $17.99
Sale: $14.99
Bare Back Scrubber

Cleans and exfoliates your entire back! Attaches to shower wall with powerful suction cups. Use scrubbing pad or lotion applicator pads. Replacement pads available. Great for all ages!

Price: $39.95
Bare Back Scrubber, replacement back pad
Replacement lotion applicator pad for Bare Back Scrubber.
Price: $7.95
Long Handled Toe Washer
Keep your toes and feet clean without bending. 25" long plastic handle. Replaceable sponges. Hypoallergenic. Also use to apply lotions, medications, etc. Out of Stock!
Price: $32.95
Sale: $29.95
Long Handled Toe Washer Replacement Sponges (3 pack)
Replacement sponges for long handled toe washer. Package of three.
Price: $24.95
Sale: $19.95
Universal Holder Extension Handle
Great extension for razors, toothbrushes, kitchen utensils and other household items. Holds objects up to 1/2 in diameter. Adds easy to hold ribbed grip plus 7 oz. of increased heft. 5-1/2 long. Solid polypropylene plastic. Gray.
Price: $26.99
Sale: $24.95

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