Meet the Wand Mate™ Adapter

The Wand Mate™ adapter creates a fusion of the world's two most popular families of hand held massagers. The famous Hitachi® Magic Wand and the also famous Wahl® family of hand held personal massagers have both been available for over 30 years.

Hitachi® Magic Wand Wahl® Hand Held Therapeutic Massager

Hitachi Magic Wand® Massager

Wahl® Hatchet Massager

Both massagers are extremely effective and literally millions of original units and knockoff copies of both styles of massager are in use around the world. However, because of some obvious differences between the two designs there has never been much of an overlap between the two products. UNTIL NOW!!

The Wand Mate adapter is a precision injection molded accessory attachment (U.S. Patent Pending) that bridges the gap between Wahl style and Magic Wand style hand held massagers. Designed to plug onto most popular Wahl style hand held therapeutic massagers, the Wand Mate adapter makes it possible for those massagers to do something which up until now has been impossible: use soft Magic Wand style silicon foam ball head caps and all of the attachment accessories that plug onto them, thereby making your trusty Wahl hand held massager into a "Magic Wahl™"!! This combination of "Wahl with Ball" brings a whole new dimension to hand held personal massagers.

The Wand Mate™ Adapter

The Wand Mate Adapter On Wahl Hatchet Style Massager

The Wand Mate Adapter On Wahl Wand Style Massager

The Wand Mate™ Adapter

Wand Mate on Wahl® Hatchet Massager

Wand Mate on Wahl® Wand Massager

Features of the Wand Mate™ adapter include:

  • Compatible with most Wahl style massagers - the Wand Mate adapter is compatible with millions of hand held therapeutic massagers already in use, both current and legacy designs and including most Wahl®, Conair® and other similar hand held massagers; it can bring a welcome update to your favorite hand held massager. Click here for a complete list of massagers compatible with the Wand Mate adapter.
  • Compatible with Magic Wand after market attachments - the Wand Mate adapter works perfectly with the dozens third party attachment accessories which plug directly onto the foam head cap. And, because Wahl style massagers have significantly different vibration characteristics than Magic Wand style massagers, many attachments will create new and exciting sensations when used with Wahl style massagers and the Wand Mate adapter.
  • High quality construction - The Wand Mate adapter is precision injection molded using a specially blended industrial grade plastic polymer. This plastic is firm with just the right amount of flex. Highly resistant to fractures and tears, in normal use it will provide you with years of trouble free fun!
  • Replaceable silicon foam head caps - the Wand Mate adapter soft silicon foam head caps, identical to those used on the Magic Wand, available in white, black and purple, can be replaced easily.
  • Easy to use - the Wand Mate adapter installs onto any compatible massager just like any of the other standard hard plastic massager attachments.
  • Use without the head cap - while intended to be used with a silicon foam head cap in place, when used without it the Wand Mate adapter's firm cylindrical shape becomes a ferociously effective stand alone attachment for any compatible massager.
  • Easy to clean - the Wand Mate adapter is manufactured from a specially blended industrial grade plastic polymer and it is pretty much impervious to water and all commonly used water based soaps, lubes and lotions. Remove the silicon foam head cap and rinse clean with plain soap and warm water. And the silicon foam head caps can be replaced as required.
  • Safe to use - the Wand Mate adapter itself is 100% Phthalate free and body safe.
  • Right or left handed operation - the Wand Mate adapter is completely ambidextrous.
  • Available with caps in three colors - the Wand Mate adapter is white with your choice of white,The 
  Wand Mate Adapater is Made In The USA black or purple silicon foam head caps.
  • Made In The USA - the Wand Mate adapter itself is injection molded in the USA. The silicon foam head caps are imported.

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