Extend-ITs™ Personal Airline Seat Belt Extender Rental Program Terms

These rental terms are brought to you by Intelligent Technologies, Inc., a Washington corporation doing business as Extend-ITs ("Extend-ITs"). They explain the rules for renting personal airline seat belt extenders (“Extenders”) from Extend-ITs (“Extend-ITs Rentals”) to your (the “Renter”)

IMPORTANT: These rental terms including what, how and when we charge for Extend-ITs Rentals, may have changed since the last time you rented with Extend-ITs, so remember to check them prior to each rental or other transaction. Please also read the Extend-ITs Privacy Policy, which explains our information collection practices, such as the types of information Extend-ITs collects and how Extend-ITs may use that information.

What Type Of Seat Belt Extender Am I Renting?

Extend-ITs rents several different models of extender to work with the standard cabin seat belts of different models of aircraft. All extenders are all manufactured and maintained in compliance with applicable FAA regulations. Rental extenders may be new or used at Extend-ITs discretion but all used extenders are inspected and cleaned prior to shipment to rental customers.

How Does It Work When I Rent A Seat Belt Extender From Extend-ITs?

When you place your rental order you will be charged a deposit equal to the value of the order, the shipping charges for the method of shipment you have selected and, for residents of Washington State, the applicable sales tax (the “Deposit”). Upon return of your extenders the Deposit will be credited minus accrued rental charges, shipping charges and sales tax, if any.

Extenders are rented for a minimum of thirty (30) days and a maximum of one hundred eighty (180) days from the date we ship you your rental extenders through the date that you place the rental extenders in the return mail using the postage pre-paid mailing label we send you or some other delivery service for which you pay the charges. Rental charges are as follows:

Extender Info Rental Term
Model Price 30 Days 31-60
91-120 Days 121-150 Days 151-180 Days
Model A $64.95 $15 $25 $35 $45 $55 $65
Model B $59.95 $15 $25 $35 $45 $55 $60
Model C $99.95 $25 $45 $60 $75 $90 $100
Model D $119.95 $30 $50 $70 $90 $110 $120
CARES $69.95 $15 $30 $40 $50 $60 $70


If you keep a rental extender less than the minimum rental period you will be charged for the minimum rental period regardless of the actual rental period. If you keep a rental extender longer than the maximum rental period, that item is considered fully paid for and yours to keep; no refund will be issued.

When Am I Charged For Rentals?

At the time you place your rental order you authorize Extend-ITs to charge a Deposit equal to the value of the extenders, your selected method of outbound shipment and, for Washington state residents, applicable sales tax to your credit card. In the alternative, you may pay your rental order Deposit using PayPal. Upon receipt of your returned rental extender(s) your credit card or PayPal account will be credited for an amount equal to the Deposit minus extender rental charges, outbound shipping charges and sales tax, if any. If the amount to be credited after accounting for all charges is less than $0.00 the order will be considered fully paid and no credit will be issued.

How Do I Return The Extender At The End Of The Rental Period?

After your flight contact Extend-ITs customer service using email or call customer service at 877.675.6537. Extend-ITs will give you a return material authorization (RMA) number and email you a postage paid U.S. Postal Service Express Mail mailing label. At any U.S. Postal Service center insert the rental extender(s) into a USPS flat rate envelope (available free from the USPS), insert a copy of your original sales order and affix the postage paid mailing label to the USPS envelope and mail them (Please note: because of security regulations when returning more than one extender if the package weighs more than one pound you should take the package to the USPS counter not just deposit it in the mail. There is a one pound limit for uninspected mailed packages and the USPS may refuse to ship the package if not dropped off at the counter.) Once your package is received by the USPS the tracking number and mailing date will be input into the USPS tracking system. Your rental will be deemed to have ended on that date; you do not pay for return transit mail time. Upon Extend-ITs receipt your rental extender will be inspected and a credit issued for your deposit minus rental charges, outbound shipping charges and WA state sales tax (if any).

The number of extenders you may rent at a given time is subject to our discretion. For instance, if you are a first time customer, you may not be allowed to rent multiple extenders during your first rental transaction. All risk of loss or damage to any Extenders remains with the Renter until the Extender is returned to Extend-ITs in condition suitable for re-rental.

Please Note: any damage or loss resulting from accident, unauthorized modification, misuse, abuse, improper installation, improper repair or improper maintenance may be charged against any remaining deposit balance but in no case will the rental charge exceed the original Deposit.

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