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Transportation Safety Administration rules The U.S. Transportation Security Administration ("TSA") regularly issues updated information regarding passenger inspection procedures, number of bags each individual can carry onto a flight, items prohibited in carry on luggage, items prohibited in checked baggage and other regulations governing air travel in the USA.

The TSA has an extensive web site providing up to date information, travel tips, information links, etc. The best way to review the current rules and regulations is to just go to the TSA public information portal and see what's new. (Click here to visit the TSA's public information portal.)

The TSA also publishes a list of items prohibited or restricted on flights. Click here to view the most recent edition of that list.

Important Note: All information is believed to be accurate but subject to change without notice because of changes by the Transportation Safety Administration.

NOTE: All Extend-ITs™ products are manufactured in conformance with applicable FAA regulations as established by the FAA Air Transport Division.

Intelligent Technologies, Inc. and Extend-ITs™ products are not in any way associated with, endorsed by or recommended by any airline.  Under FAA regulations airlines have the right to restrict or prohibit their use in any or all of their flight operations.  Nothing herein should be construed or interpreted as in any way modifying or diminishing those rights. - Your Best Source For FAA Approved Personal Airline Seat Belt Extenders

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